“Zebras fix what unicorns break” – Learn about the Zebra movement at the first DazzleCon in Portland November 2017


The Zebra movement was founded by a group of female entrepreneurs who saw the existing culture of start-ups and VCs as toxic and broken. These women and a wider net of allies, supporters and sponsors are creating businesses and funding sources that balance profit and purpose, champion democracy, and put a premium on sharing power and resources.  Zebras embrace different viewpoints, disrupt the status quo, and focus on benefiting the public and communities to develop solutions that strengthen our industry, communities and economy.

Zebras seek cooperation and win-win scenarios through sustainable growth, better outcomes for communities or societies, and improved collaboration and competition. Read the manifesto and learn about the founders: https://www.zebrasunite.com

A group of Zebras is called a Dazzle. Don’t miss out on DazzleCon 2017 coming to Portland November 2017. Apply to attend now: https://www.zebrasunite.com/dazzlecon

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