What Happened in February in TechTown

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: RecruitmentRetention and Measurement

1. Prosper Portland finished gathering applications for a new Inspiring Diversity Grant. Grants will help launch or expand new takes on diversity, equity or inclusion efforts.

UPDATE: TechTown Pledge companies Treehouse and ThinkShout were two of  the nine businesses awarded grants. For more details, see the press release on Prosper Portland’s website.

2. Special thanks to Marcus Carter from Cloudability and Morgan Armstrong from eROI for co-facilitating an AllyShift workshop on February 21st at Puppet.

3. Despite the cold and icy conditions, we hosted our Monthly Morning Session at Prosper Portland on February 27th. Our small brave group deviated from the plan topic of communication, and instead used our time together to share what’s working and ask specific questions of how things work amongst other TechTown Pledge companies. Folks left reinvigorated and with agreement that more of these types of opportunities are necessary.

Some of the topics discussed in this sharing information included a need for a Women of Color specific networking/resource group, holding a summer TechTown event at Autodesk and creating more community activities for TechTown, best practices deployed for creating engagement within companies, & establishing KPIs. 

4. Planning is underway for TechTown’s TechZone at the Portland Workforce Alliance‘s (PWA) Youth Expo. TechTown envisions a booth engagement that brings students in and shows them some aspects of the tech industry work environment. We’re partnering with PWA because the youth expo is the premier event within the Portland region for connecting the business community with high school students. And, PWA prioritizes outreach to school districts with high percentages of students of color.

TechTown plans to capitalize on this opportunity to directly engage with our future workforce, understand student’s impression of the tech industry, and put students on the path to a career in tech. If all goes well, we hope this is simply the first step in our partnership with PWA.

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TechTownPDX is a collection of Portland tech companies who have come together to commit to a Diversity Pledge – a shared commitment and action plan to collectively advance workplace diversity and inclusion in order to grow the industry while broadening prosperity.

Our mission is to create a community to cultivate a diverse, homegrown talent pipeline and inclusive work environment.

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