5 Things that Happened in April in TechTown

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: Recruitment, Retention and Measurement

1. We launched AllyShift Workshop information on our website.

TechTown AllyShift is a scalable free 3-hour workshop training available to all employees of TechTown companies. Special thanks to Courtney Moss from Crowdstreet and Josue Valverde from Zapproved for facilitating April’s session at AWS Elemental. AllyShift has now had more than 200 attendees. 

2. We hosted our Monthly Morning Session at Prosper Portland on April 24th with TechTown Pledge Company employees to share the buy-in received from CEOs at the April 11th session, upcoming TechTown events including AllyShift sessions, and had an open discussion on progress and challenges companies are facing.

3. The TechTown Steering Committee met three times in April, the first two times to prepare for the CEO session and the final time to begin implementing based on the feedback received. A portion of that included standardizing recaps of recruitment events to allow this community to be more responsive and provide cohesion in future messaging.

4. CEO Roundtable Sessions: The latest CEO Roundtable was April 11th and focused on clarifying TechTown’s role, scope and impact on individual companies and creating a pathway to success for all parties. There was consensus on the approach and a lot of conversation on how to move forward.

5. CEO Roundtable Take-away: There was a desire and need to ensure alignment within organizations and to utilize future CEO sessions for smaller group discussion to dive into how strategy leads to the tactics that foster the change needed. 

About TechTown Portland

A movement, commitment and community.

TechTownPDX is a collection of Portland tech companies who have come together to commit to a Diversity Pledge – a shared commitment and action plan to collectively advance workplace diversity and inclusion in order to grow the industry while broadening prosperity.

Our mission is to create a community to cultivate a diverse, homegrown talent pipeline and inclusive work environment.

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