TechTownPDX Diversity Pledge Presentation on Demographic Data Collected

For the 2nd year in a row DHM Research conducted an online survey of employees from companies that are a part of theTechTown Diversity Pledge initiative. The 21 companies that have taken the TechTown Diversity pledge participated with nearly 1,500 Portland-based employees completing the survey. Join us for coffee and a light breakfast as DHM Research reports out on the survey findings and provides insight to the most pressing questions.

Are TechTown companies getting more diverse? Is the increase in hiring female employees from last year now an established trend? Do employees feel companies are creating an inclusive workplace? Are there differences between different demographic groups? Between people with different roles at an organization?

Join us for answers these questions as well as answers to additional questions you and others have.

Who Should Attend?
You should and you should invite others from your organization! The more the merrier and ideally that includes the person within your organization leading diversity and inclusion efforts as well as members of your senior leadership team.

Why 8:30 am and why June 28th?

Leads from Diversity Pledge companies and supporting organizations meet face-to-face every 6 weeks at 8:30 am. We’ve found morning meetings have the best attendance and participants get the most out of them. This meeting will already be on your lead’s calendar so we’ll utilize this rather than creating another meeting.

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Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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