Steering Committee

The TechTown Portland Steering Committee, founded in 2017, is an essential driver of TechTown’s efforts. The committee is the decision-making body ensuring TechTown tactics support a more inclusive and diverse Portland Tech. The committee provides strategic insight and direction, and puts into action the overarching vision for TechTown. 

The committee is made up of Diversity and Inclusion advocates within TechTown Pledge Companies with a bias toward action. Members serve two year terms and can serve more than one term. The committee meets monthly and their work includes building structures for long-term success of TechTown, agenda-setting and reporting to quarterly meetings of TechTown CEOs, TechTown program development and enhancement, strategic insight into what is likely to be successful within member companies. They are leaders of TechTown. 


Toby Martin
Crystal Sincoff
Manager of Workplace Experience,
Diversity & Inclusion

Cara Snow
Chief Community
Engagement Officer

Technology Association of
Oregon (TAO)
Jared Wiener
Software Industry Liaison
Prosper Portland


Thanks to the previous Steering Committee Members*:  

*Information reflection of the job titles or employer at time of committee membership 

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