Simple is hiring for a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Simple, a TechTown Pledge company, started out of frustration with banks, wanting to create a new solution centered around human goodness and quality customer service. Now, they are seeking to solve another cultural frustration – but this time an internal, tech-industry issue that is also relates to human goodness. Simple is solving the lack of diversity and inclusion within their workforce by creating and hiring for a new Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion job.

Simple recently announced this new role on their website as diversity and inclusion is fundamental to their ability to make banking better for everyone.

As far as tech companies go, Simple is taking stock of their workforce diversity and inclusion and seeking ways to innovate and improve, not only within their own company but within Portland as well by taking the Techtown Pledge.

Today women make up 50 percent of their employee base and hold half of all their senior leadership positions. They also hold 57 percent of their management roles and 40 percent of their technical roles. And they have laid out the areas in which they want to improve including employee benefits, private restrooms, employee-created resources groups and designing a product that is inclusive.

For more details about their reasoning and areas of improvement for the, read the full Working Toward an Inclusive and Equitable Simple article on their website.

We are excited to see their proactivity in this critical issue, and are proud to have them involved in our Pledge!


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