Puppet Inc.’s new Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusion

Congrats to Tanya Webb for her recent position with Puppet as the Senior Manager of Diversity and Inclusion.

According to Puppet’s Press Release Tanya will work with employees from across the organization to ensure that Puppet is integrating diversity, equity and inclusion in every area of the business, educating and enabling all employees to better build these critical elements into everyday workflows and deepening employee engagement as a result. Since joining Puppet in 2012, she has played an integral role in building Puppet’s team from around 100 people to more than 500 employees globally. In her new role, Tanya will cultivate and scale Puppet’s diversity strategy to address the ever changing shape of the business and ensure Puppet continues to be a positive and inclusive workplace for all.

“Puppet is a place where our employees feel supported and valued as contributors to the success of the company. I am looking forward to helping Puppet grow as a team of people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and to strengthening our philanthropic and community efforts to support underrepresented groups in the tech industry.” – Tanya Webb

Furthermore, Webb said that her priority will be organizing programs and outreach to make sure the full spectrum of employees – and prospective employees – feel welcome at the company.

That drives innovation. It drives teams to work closer together,” she said. “All of that makes a company more successful.

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