Pledge Community Feature: Crystal Sincoff, Zapproved

As the Manager of Workplace Experience, Diversity & Inclusion at Zapproved, Crystal Sincoff works to create a sense of belonging through programming focused on allyship and community stewardship. Zapproved hosts monthly DE&I Lunch discussions that are open to the public covering topics related to race, gender, LGBTQ+, etc., in a safe space meant to encourage meaningful conversations.

In addition to creating this sense of belonging, Crystal also fashions programming to address workplace biases, center on wellness, build trust within work groups, and celebrate diversity in the work space. She recently provided some additional insights into why Zapproved took the TechTown Diversity Pledge:

Why is being a TechTown Diversity Pledge company important to Zapproved?

It’s important that the tech community works together and shares resources to build and grow inclusive work spaces that foster belonging. The TechTown Diversity Pledge is a solid foundation for starting this work in the Tech Community.

TechTown offers resources, training, and is a space to hold each other accountable for making real and lasting change.

What has been rewarding/surprising/challenging being a TechTown Pledge Company and being part of the community?

There is a need to move faster that never goes away. When you look at the bigger picture of systemic oppression in our communities and work spaces it can be overwhelming to be a part of this work. There is so much to be done and that is why TechTown is so important.

The relationships I have made with the pledge companies are vital to growing and making progress. I consider these leaders mentors in the diversity and inclusion space and they have given me guidance, support, and lifted me up when the work can be slow and frustrating. It is also awesome to celebrate our achievements together.

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