member benefits  

Bringing People Together 

Our community is at the center of our success. We provide TechTown members with structure, community and accountability through the following components:

Dedicated Faciliator

 Dedicated staff members and budget through Prosper Portland provide a center point to organize, encourage and maintain the community 

Membership Requirements

In order to join TechTown, each member must meet various commitment requirements to ensure everyone is working together

Consistent Meetings

TechTown coordinates regular virtual and in-person meetings between Executive Leaders and Internal Champions

Slack Channel

We integrate into the communication channels the Tech Industry already uses to encourage adoption of expert DEI insights. Quarterly, we maintain about 600 Slack conversations between employees across our member companies

Advisory Bodies

The Tech Advisory Council (TAC)  and TechTown Steering Committee steered TechTown’s goals and programming. TAC met over a 6-month period in 2021 culminating in the Code Switched Report. It was made entirely of women and nonbinary people of color in the industry. The Steering Committee was representatives from member companies. It formed in 2017 and disbanded in 2022 after formalizing programming based on the Code Switched Report.

Community-Driven Programming

inThe TechTown community has developed and executed a variety of programming including: partnership events,  speaker series, panelist discussions, career fairs, and training series built on AllyShift, C-Level, internal champion and inclusive people management 


All TechTown members are part of Portland Means Progress and access their ongoing training opportunities as well as TechTown’s training archive

Transparency + Accountability

We believe what gets measured gets done. Therefore data, tracking and measurement is a core element to TechTown. We do this through Annual Surveys, Goal Setting and Quarterly Reports to understand where we are and what is working