Inclusive Manager Training Series: Apply by January 31, 2020.

Employees of TechTown pledge companies, apply by January 31!

Applications are now open for a four-part training series for managers and aspiring managers on how to be a more effective and inclusive manager. This training has been made possible through the financial support of Amazon Web Services and the dedication and hard work of staff at Zapproved.

This unique opportunity will provide attendees individual growth while also build more equitable teams and organizations. The training is available at no cost and open exclusively to employees of TechTownPDX and Portland Means Progress businesses! Space is limited, so please encourage managers and aspiring managers to apply by January 31, 2020.

Facilitated by Future Work Design, the four How to be an Effective and Inclusive Manager Training sessions will occur quarterly from 9 AM-12 PM. The Inclusive Manager Training schedule and topics include:

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
— Explore the difference between managing and leading
— Understand bias in management
— Leadership skills: self-assessment and professional development plan

Wednesday, May 20, 2020
— What is your relationship with the word “power”?
— Power is neutral. How we use it is not. A framework of four types of power.
— What is your Powermap: self-assessment and professional development plan.

Thursday, September, 24, 2020
— The perils and potentials of leading and managing from the skin you are in
— Getting real about your responsibility, opportunity, and liberation in service of equity
— How are you positioning yourself and your direct supports for success?

Thursday, November 19, 2020
— Why feedback is a critical part of organizational equity
— How feedback is used as a weapon to protect the status quo vs. mentoring new leaders
— Feedback and coaching skills: self-assessment and professional development plan

Questions? DM Jared on the TechTown Slack for fastest response. Otherwise, email both &

Relevant Diversity & Inclusion Program Deadlines

Emerging Leaders 2020 Internship: Extended deadline January 15
How to be an Effective and Inclusive Manager Training: January 31
Inspiring Diversity Grant applications due: February 6 

About TechTown Portland

A movement. A commitment. A community.

TechTownPDX is a collection of Portland tech companies who have come together to commit to a Diversity Pledge – a shared commitment and action plan to collectively advance workplace diversity and inclusion in order to grow the industry while broadening prosperity.

One of our collective actions is around Training & Education. In 2018, TechTown launched AllyShift workshops to build individual ally skills among employees of TechTown companies, establish a baseline of terminology, and through scenario based experiential learning, gain the skills to combat oppressive actions and culture.

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