Pledge Commitment Form

  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a TechTown Pledge Company!

    The following form should be completed by one of your company’s TechTown Equity Champions. Your Equity Champions are your Executive Champion (sponsor) or your Internal Equity Champion (day-to-day lead). These are the individuals who have been identified by your company, are committed to participating in regular TechTown stakeholder sessions (90 minutes, every other month), and are the main point of contact for other TechTown programming updates.
  • Contact Information

  • The following questions are referenced in our 'Becoming a Pledge Member' Onboarding document.

  • Commitment Requirements

  • Your CEO commits to meeting with other TechTown Executive Champions every other month for 90 minutes. Your Internal Equity Champion commits to doing the same with Internal Equity Champions at fellow TechTown companies. In both cases, these sessions will provide small group discussion, networking and TechTown programming updates.
  • Your organization is ready to publicly commit to an annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goal and report on that goal's progress quarterly.
  • For more details, see page 9 of our Onboarding document.
    After you complete this Commitment Form, TechTown will send you a Goal Intake Form to complete and declare your annual goal.

  • Your organization knows and is committed to adhering to the TechTown Pledge & its 5 Actions.
  • See page 7 of our Onboarding document or visit our Pledge page.

  • See page 10 of our Onboarding document.

  • Your Equity Champions (and possibly other additional employees) have discussed your organization's place on the Inclusion Spectrum. Based on that discussion, which point on the Inclusion Spectrum best represents your organization?
  • See page 11 of our Onboarding document.

  • You are ready to contribute $1,500.
  • Doing the Work

  • Your organization is committed to being accountable and keeping your DEI efforts top of mind to maintain the energy for progress.
  • Requirements are outlined on pages 12-15 of our Onboarding document.

  • Your organization will commit to a DEI goal within 30 days of officially becoming a pledge company.


Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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