Come Join Us: TechTown Seeks Additional Members

TechTown Portland, powered by Prosper Portland, is actively seeking new member companies to commit to the TechTown Diversity Pledge. To join, a company must be in technology with a presence in the Portland region. To get started, a company completes a four-step onboarding process with the help of a step-by-step user guide. Step One in the process is the interest form.

Companies that will be a good fit are those that recognize that a lack of workforce diversity and workplace inclusion is a detriment to their business, are willing to take action to address the challenges and will do so in a collaborative way.

“We’ve given this process a lot of thought and are excited to launch an onboarding process for new tech companies that is both robust and straightforward,” said Jared Wiener of Prosper Portland, program manager for TechTown. Wiener added, “All the credit goes to current pledge companies who have pioneered what this program is and can be. With a structure in place, Techtown can now add more members, giving the initiative power in numbers and scaling in a deliberate and meaningful way that will lead to even more positive change.”

The Diversity Pledge has grown from a public promise into a bonafide program that supports diversity and inclusion training and hiring while calling for companies to commit to tangible actions and follow-up. The number of participating companies has doubled since the Pledge launched in 2015. To date, training and programming has served more than five hundred participants from pledge companies, diversity and inclusion data is released annually, and four diversity hiring programs have been endorsed by TechTown Portland.

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Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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