Coalition of Portland Groups Create Event to Support Women in Tech

PDW WIT, Women Who Code, Lesbians Who Tech, ChickTech, PyLadies PDX, Girls Inc. and Cambia have come together to host the 3rd Annual Summer Soiree, a mixture of networking and speaking segments, designed to support Being Inclusive in Portland Tech. The event is August 17th at Cambia Health Solutions.

This year’s summer soiree theme is dedicated to openly discussing how they can change the Portland tech culture to be more inclusive, moving away from the bro-culture, and discussing how this community and our allies can work together to make the Portland tech scene a more welcoming place for all.

Portland Business Journal recently featured this event and further linked it’s ‘bro-culture’ theme to a bigger issue in the technology industry due to recent headlines and stories involving Uber, Binary Ventures, and XXcelerate.
— For more details read, Toxic ‘bro-culture prompts Women in Tech event

This timely and exciting PDX WIT event will be kicking off the conversation on the 17th with this starter: “Which label is the least helpful in tech? (e.g. bro-grammer, lady-boss, man-splainer, etc…).”

The networking will be followed by a diverse group of panelists, including Ryan Carson of Techtown Pledge Company – Treehouse, who will share their stories and insights, leaving us with ideas and next steps to strive for the change we desire:

We are excited to see so many groups and local companies come together for this important issue. Hope to see you there!

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