TechTown Annual Survey Prelim Results

Techtown Portland Community Event

A key goal of the TechTown Pledge is to share collective data on the demographic representation of gender and race within pledge company offices in the Portland metro area. We recently wrapped up this year’s data collection and will be presenting the 2018 results this May 22 and May 24th for our annual Survey Results presentation!

This presentation will be a 90 minute session to hear preliminary results on TechTown Portland’s annual survey. Hear from the data scientists at DHM Research who will provide an overview of results and how they compare to the previous two years.

We’re calling these upcoming events ‘preliminary’ because they are opportunities for TechTown employees to shape what’s important and define where our data scientists dig deeper. A large portion of this event will be reserved for questions and comments on the data and what issues or data we should continue to investigate. It should be a good conversation!

We’re doing two sessions this year to give multiple opportunities to attend, so chose the one that’s most convenient. Hope to see many of you there!

Cloudability on May 22nd at 9am
AWS Elemental on May 24th at 3pm

Thank you to Cloudability and AWS Elemental for hosting our TechTown community!

For more DHM Research’s complete survey report, please visit our Resources page.

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