Monthly Workshops led by trained Facilitators

TechTown AllyShift is a scalable workshop training and facilitator certification program based on a model and curriculum originally created by the Ada Initiative. It has been used globally at conferences and within companies.

Why AllyShift:

“Research shows that when women speak up against sexism in the workplace, they often suffer retaliation, but when men speak up against sexism, they seldom suffer retaliation for it and sometimes even get rewarded. Cultural change happens more quickly when men, who are often in positions of greater power, are also actively working for change.”

AllyShift Workshops

TechTown AllyShift is a three-hour workshop to build individual ally skills among employees of TechTown companies, and to normalize the positive work environment this creates. The original curriculum was brought to the TechTown community by Puppet through Frame Shift Consulting. With the financial support of Prosper Portland, the TechTown community has  developed a scalable and sustainable adaptation of the program to align with our long-term goals of providing monthly, accessible training to all Pledge employees. Tanya Webb, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Puppet and a member of the TechTown Steering Committee, has spearheaded the effort and been instrumental in its success.

The AllyShift workshop session creates a safe environment for open and effective discussion. Attendees learn a baseline of terminology, and through scenario-based experiential learning, they gain skills to combat oppressive actions and culture. Scenarios range from unintended microaggressions stemming from poor word choice to explicit bias.

AllyShift Workshop Stats:

  • Workshops are free for all Pledge company employees to attend
  • 3 hour sessions with 15-30 attendees
  • As of March 2018, 150 TechTown Pledge Company employees had attended a workshop
  • By 2019, our goal is to double the current number of workshop attendees.
    • 300 TechTown pledge company employees attend a workshop by end of 2019 (~10% of employees of TechTown companies)

What Attendees are Saying:

“I found the information provided and the feedback after the scenarios very thoughtful and informative”

“Excellent training on how to be an ally and build a safer and more inclusive community and work place. I would encourage all businesses to participate.”

“AllySkills Workshop was the most important workshop I’ve been to in my career. In our world full of racism, stereotypes, and phobias, it’s more important than ever to stand up for each other and support each other, for only through compassion and understanding can we forge a brighter path forward.”

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AllyShift Facilitators

AllyShift workshop sessions are led by two AllyShift co-facilitators. AllyShift Facilitators are TechTown Pledge company employees who have completed a full-day AllyShift Facilitator training. All AllyShift facilitators have access to additional training sessions to enhance their facilitator skills.

  • 2018: TechTown has 24 trained AllyShift Facilitators

What can you do?

Haven’t attended a AllyShift Workshop yet?
  • Register for a future session. Visit the TechTown Slack Channel or see your company’s TechTown Point of Contact for the next details on future sessions.
  • Invite a colleague or two (or more) to join you
Already completed a AllyShift Workshop?
  • Encourage two colleagues to register for a workshop today!   
  • Attend a bonus scenario session to continue enhancing your skill set
Not a TechTown Pledge company employee.

AllyShift is currently available only to employees of TechTown companies at this time, but we are looking to expand soon.

  • Is your company interested in joining TechTown? Send us an email if you want to learn more about joining.  
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