5 Things That Happened in TechTown in November

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: Recruitment, Retention and Measurement.
1. Girls in Tech Career Day. On November 6 we hosted our first ‘Girls in Tech Career Days” partnership event with Portland Workforce Alliance. Thanks to speakers from Puppet, Epicodus, Crowdstreet and AWS Elemental. The next 2 events will be held on December 10 at Zapproved & Vacasa, and on December 11 at Instrument & Treehouse. We are excited to see these successful events come into fruition after growing our relationship with PWA at the Youth Expo earlier this year.

2. Annual Report and Survey Insights. Survey Data insights have been completed by DHM Research and individual Pledge Company scorecards will be issued in early December. During their monthly meeting, the Steering Committee reviewed the survey data and discussed the achievements of 2019. Based on this discussion, the Steering Committee decided to share these achievements through an Annual Report in order to illustrate the work, relationships, processes and progress done behind the scenes. The Annual Report is projected to be released in January 2020 – stay tuned for details!

3. Continued Financial Accountability. During the November Steering Committee, it was determined that dues from Pledge Companies will continued to be collected in 2020. The dues are a way to ensure each Pledge Company is engaged, accountable and committed to collective action. Additionally, they provide TechTown with additional resources to deploy programming and build partnerships to advance our mission.

4. Building off of an successful Hey Happy Hour.  Based on the success from the first event earlier this fall, TechTown is in the early stages of planning the second Hey Happy Hour in collaboration with Partners in Diversity. We are currently looking into early 2020 for the next event. Stay tuned for details!

5A more intimate Monthly Morning Session. We held a monthly session on November 27, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Attendance was was lighter than usual, which allowed for a more intimate, deeper discussion. The group addressed subjects of racism, cultural differences between communities of color, and explored ways to shape organizational change as individual contributors. It was a reminder bigger isn’t always better and we need to foster more of these types of conversations going forward.


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