5 Things that Happened in September and October in TechTown

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: Recruitment, Retention and Measurement.

  1. Tabling at TechCrawl. In collaboration with Pledge Companies Open Sesame, Instrument, AWS Elemental, CrowdStreet and Zapproved, TechTown hosted a table at the 10th annual TechCrawl featuring 3,000 ‘TechCrawlers’ on September 5th.
  2. Ally Skill Training for CEOs. On September 12, TechTown hosted a training event specifically for CEOs of Pledge Companies. Utilizing the AllyShift Workshop framework, this training session was completely customized, focusing on ally skills for high level leadership.
  3. Girls in Tech Career Day Partnership. This fall, TechTown has partnered with Portland Workforce Alliance to sponsor a series of ‘Girls in Tech Career Days” in November and December. The career days are designed to allow participants to meet inspiring female leaders within various local Portland Tech companies, discuss the community and representation of professionals of color, gain insights and career advice from panel of speakers, and get a behind-the-scenes tour of hosting companies. The first event will be on November 6 at Puppet and featured speakers from Puppet, Epicodus, Crowdstreet and AWS Elemental. Stay tuned for details for events on December 10 & 11.
  4. Happy Hey Hour. On October 22, TechTown sponsored the first Happy Hey Hour for the Portland Tech Community in collaboration with Partners in Diversity and 52 Limited.
  5. Collaborative Monthly Morning Session. We invited external partners to join us for our Monthly Morning Session at Prosper Portland on October 23 to discuss building a pipeline to encourage youth of color to pursue jobs in tech. Each of the four partners who joined the morning session — Epicodus, Alchemy Code Lab, Emerging Leaders, Day La Sal School — are already partnered with one Pledge Company and are working with them to develop ways to increase awareness, extend the pipeline, support interns into becoming full time employees and develop apprenticeship programs.

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A movement, commitment and community.

TechTownPDX is a collection of Portland tech companies who have come together to commit to a Diversity Pledge – a shared commitment and action plan to collectively advance workplace diversity and inclusion in order to grow the industry while broadening prosperity.

Our mission is to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion within pledge companies. We do this by taking collective action with the local tech companies who have taken our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge and are committed to creating real change.

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TechTown is powered by Prosper Portland. Prosper Portland creates economic growth and opportunity for Portland. Prosper Portland’s vision is to make Portland one of the most globally competitive, healthy, and equitable cities in the world by investing in job creation, encouraging broad economic prosperity, and fostering great places throughout the city. We aspire to be a workplace of choice with passionate staff excelling in an open and empowering environment and sharing a commitment to our collective success.

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Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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