5 Things that Happened in January in TechTown

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: Recruitment, Retention and Measurement.

1. Reflecting on our most active year yet. From finalizing a new mission and focus, refining the work of the Steering Committee, developing new partnerships and event structure, to launching our Top 5 Monthly Bulletin, 2019 was a year full of small and large accomplishments.

The progress we made in 2019 will be documented in our Annual Report, launching the first quarter of 2020. In the meantime, check out 2019 Monthly Bulletin recap to get a sense of Techtown in 2019.

We’re already underway with programming in 2020. In addition to what happened in January, join Techtown and Intel for the 1st ever BlackTechxcellence Community Event (hosted by Simple) on February 22 .

2. First Morning Session of 2020. This session was held on January 22 at Prosper Portland. In addition to sharing TechTown’s 2020 goals, DHM Research presented the results of the 2019 employee survey data to the TechTown companies in attendance. The data will be incorporated into the Annual Report and be made accessible when that report launches.

3. “Building an Industry for Everyone” premiere. TechTown’s latest video telling five stories in five minutes of ways that pledge companies are engaging with nonprofit organizations and Oregon schools to improve diversity, increase inclusion, and promote equity premiered on January 23 at TAO’s PDX Impact event.

The video will also be screened along with a TechTown panel discussion at New Relic’s FutureTalks panel discussion, “The Authentic Work of Building Community” on Monday February 10, 2020 at 5:30pm. Space is limited and there are only a few tickets still available. Make sure to RSVP and get yours today.

4. Our Community is Growing. Three new companies joined TechTown bringing our community to 30 Portland Tech companies who have committed to the TechTown Diversity Pledge. Help us welcome Extensis, Pollinate and RadarFirst to the TechTown community.

5. Our Steering Committee is Growing. In January, Naps D’Apice,
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Manager at Simple, became an official member of the TechTown Steering Committee.

About TechTown Portland

A movement. A commitment. A community.

TechTownPDX is a collection of Portland tech companies who have come together to commit to a Diversity Pledge – a shared commitment and action plan to collectively advance workplace diversity and inclusion in order to grow the industry while broadening prosperity.

Our mission is to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion within pledge companies. We do this by taking collective action with the local tech companies who have taken our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge and are committed to creating real change.  

About Prosper Portland

TechTown is powered by Prosper Portland. Prosper Portland creates economic growth and opportunity for Portland. Prosper Portland’s vision is to make Portland one of the most globally competitive, healthy, and equitable cities in the world by investing in job creation, encouraging broad economic prosperity, and fostering great places throughout the city. We aspire to be a workplace of choice with passionate staff excelling in an open and empowering environment and sharing a commitment to our collective success.

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Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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