5 Things that Happened in August in TechTown

This monthly updates highlights the latest TechTown news and progress in our top areas of focus: Recruitment, Retention and Measurement.

1. AllyShift Returns! After a short summer hiatus, our AllyShift workshops are back! Thanks to Crystal Sincoff of Zapproved and Rachel Bussert of Epicodus for co-facilitating our latest 3-hour session with 16 attendees.

Our goal is to have more than 300 Pledge Company employees attend an AllyShift workshop by the end of 2019. Make sure to visit our Slack Channel for news about the next session.

2. We hosted our Monthly Morning Session at Prosper Portland on August 28th with TechTown Pledge Company employees. Attendees discussed a variety of different efforts undertaken and changes implemented within their Pledge companies. The group recognized the need to better communicate what is actually happening with TechTown and within member companies.

We take the feedback gathered at the Morning Session seriously and will be re-evaluating the frequency and content posted more to our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms.

Make sure to follow and stay tuned for more updates.If you have a story, case study, highlight or change to share with us and fellow TechTown members, please submit your story:
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3. Pledge Companies Step up their Emphasis on Inclusion. A number of Pledge Companies have embraced inclusion within our local community by hosting TechTown, AllyShift and partnership events.Beyond those events, a number of companies, have expanded their efforts to provide opportunities for everyone to be part of the discussion.

–   On August 12th, New Relic hosted A Personal Look at Inclusive Hiring Practices with Marcus Carter and Paige Berry;

–   Zapproved hosted a workshop withPaloma Medina focused on Three Skills Towards Equity & Inclusion.If your Pledge Company is hosting an event, please share on the Slack Channel!

4. The 2019 Employee Survey Closed. The Annual TechTown Employee Survey will be the most comprehensive one yet, including more than 2,100 responses.  In addition to the employee questions, TechTown is adding a company-level assessment to the survey. Look for results before the end of the year on both fronts.

5. TechTown enables PDXWIT #InvestingInYou scholarshipsPDXWIT said it best in their August 28th tweet:We are excited to be sponsoring this effort with PDXWIT designed to “help develop individuals in the PDXWIT community by providing support for and access to conferences and workshops.”

The scholarships are awarded to PDXWIT members, 18 and over located in Vancouver(WA)/Portland/Salem metro area. The award winner will be provided travel, registration, and/or per diem to attend a technology-related or a women-in-business conference or workshop with a cap of $2,500. If you are interested, or know someone deserving of this scholarship, visit the PDXWIT Fall Application form to apply.

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