Keeping TechTown Healthy: An Update About Our Events through COVID-19

As of March 10, 2020

The health of our Pledge companies and our partners are front of mind as concerns regarding COVID-19 expand.

The concern and interest in limiting the potential spread has impacted some of TechTown’s upcoming events and programming.

Earlier this week, Portland Workforce Alliance made the difficult decision to cancel the 16th annual NW Youth Careers Expo and its sister event, the PWA Expo Breakfast. TechTown and several Pledge companies had been collaborating to attend this event for a second year and are saddened by the cancellation and its potential impact to PWA.

TechTown along with Partners in Diversity have decided to postpone our March Happy Hey event. We will be providing more details on the rescheduled date when we are more certain the event can move forward.

If you have any further questions regarding upcoming TechTown events, please contact us or join the conversation on our Slack channel.


Prosper Portland is the City’s economic development agency and the entity that powers Techtown. The agency is monitoring the situation closely.

3 Steps & Recommendations regarding COVID-19 from Prosper Portland:

  1. Finding and sharing reliable information on COVID-19: For the most up to date information and advice in Multnomah County, you are encouraged to regularly look at Multnomah County’s informative website. Please note this site has a place to submit questions if they’re not addressed by the FAQ.
  2. Keeping ourselves and others healthy: Our office is open with normal operations as we continue to focus on our ongoing commitment to working in partnership with business and community partners. We have increased the frequency of office and meeting room cleaning, and have provided hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies in all of our meeting rooms and public spaces. We are currently preparing for the possibility of increased use of tele-work. We are also asking all sick employees – and visitors – to stay home.
  3. Supporting local businesses: We are already seeing the impact COVID-19 is having as local stores and restaurants are reporting a decrease in sales. In addition, we are deeply disturbed by reports of harassment and discriminatory behavior related to COVID-19. We condemn racist actions against business people and employees in the strongest possible terms.We encourage all Portlanders to join us in actively dispelling the myths and misinformation currently surrounding COVID-19. Please review the fact sheet provided by our partners at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon.
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