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  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a TechTown Pledge Company!

    In order to become an official pledge company we require you to complete and adhere to our Pledge Commitments. These commitments and supporting information are outlined in our 'Becoming A Pledge Company Guide'. If you have any questions about KPIs, Hiring Programs, Inclusion Spectrum, or why we are asking for these commitments, please refer back to this document.
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  • This Primary lead(s) within your organization will be responsible for attending (or ensuring a coworker attends) TechTown activities/events/trainings. They will also be the main point of contact with TechTown in addition to the company's CEO.
    See page 7 of the Becoming a Pledge Company Resource Guide
    You are ready to contribute $1,500.
    Being in good standing means you will: make efforts within your organization to increase your workplace inclusion and the diversity of your workforce. Techtown is here to support your efforts as well as that of others. To do so, you are expected to keep your Pledge Profile on the TechTown website current, update company headcount and number of Portland-based employees every March, complete the yearly demographic survey every spring, contribute at least one blog post or case study per year, and contribute to the Slack Channel weekly.
    TechTown is made more powerful by learning from one another and our collective voice and actions.

Portland tech companies have joined the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge since its initial launch in 2015.

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